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Video Solutions We Offer

We offer many different Video Production For Events services for our Ottawa and Gatineau clients. We offer both English and French options. When we meet with you we will ask you specific questions to help discover what 4k Video Production Services & solution will best help propel you and your business forward to success. We may utilize the options below, but we may also customize something completely to you, your needs and your budget. Book a Free Discovery Call to find out how we can best serve you.

Video Business Card

Showcases why your company is the best fit for potential customers, builds trust, and establishes how you can solve your customer’s greatest problem as it relates to your Professional Video Production business.

Onboarding Videos

Onboarding Video Strategies for new staff or clients? Save yourself time by streamlining repetitive tasks with one educational and/or welcoming video outlining the next steps for this regular role. 

"Pro Tip" Videos

Company Representative giving a scripted/clear “Pro Tip” giving expertise that only you can give. We will utilize multiple angles to keep this interesting and to capture the attention of the viewer. Utilize on Social media for both potential and current customers.

Scripted Commercial Video

empathizes with customer’s pain point, and demonstrates your expertise and how you can meet their needs. Best utilized with social media marketing ads.

Hero Video Banner

15 Second Silent Wide Video, showcasing a series of images highlighting what your company does. Perfect for your website, e-mail signature, or linked in video

Educational Videos

Similar to Pro Tips, but this will focus more on educating potential and current customers on what makes your company different from other similar companies. This will establish your authority in your field

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