Wedding Packages That Capture Real Moments, Emotions & Relationships

Note: Prices listed below are for 2022/2023. 


Feature Film

Best Value 

Package includes:

  • Everything from the Featurette Package

  • 8-10 Min Professionally Edited Film rather than 5-7 min


  • An edited video of all Reception Speeches - Multi Angles

  • An edited video of the First Dance

$4899 + hst


Add On's



Ceremony & Speeches Options:

  • Basic Ceremony Capture: $300

  • Director's Cut Ceremony: $800

  • Toasts/Speeches: $300

  • First Dance: $200

Live Stream: 

  • Ceremony: $500

  • Ceremony & Speeches: $700

2nd Videographer: $500

Note: see details listed below for a further description of each item

Add On's



Most Popular

Package includes:


  • Everything from the Keepsake Package


  • 5-7 Min Professionally Edited Film - Telling your unique love story

  • The director's cut of the Full Ceremony - Multi Angles

Note: From this package you may upgrade to the Feature Film Package up to 14 days after your wedding***

$3989 + hst

Melanie and Liam Wedding-71.jpg

Add On's

Add any of these below items to the Keepsake to Capture Your Perfect Day Exactly How You Want It.

Your Wedding Video Set to Music Only: 

  • 1 Minute: $400

  • 3 Minute: $700

  • 5 Minute: $1000

Your Wedding Film plus all the heartfelt narrative of the day woven together to preserve your story for generations to come:

  • 3 Minute: $1000

  • 6 Minute: $1500

  • 10 Minute: $2200

Add On's


The Keepsake

Sweet & Simple

Package includes:

  • FULL DAY Coverage on Wedding Day

  • Videographer

  • Drone Coverage (weather/conditions permitting)

  • Ability to upgrade to any package within 14 days of your wedding day 

  • Ability to Customize by browsing our "add on's" section and choosing the features that are most important to you. For example, perhaps what's most important to you is the ceremony, you can add on the Director's cut of the Full Ceremony for $800. Maybe you only want a 3 minute film that includes your vows/best part of your speeches and is set to music, you can add that on for $1000. However, If you are wanting a 5-7 minute video and the Ceremony as well, you'll want to book the Featurette as those items are bundled together to allow you to save money

$1989 + hst

Down Payments: Normally: We request an $800 down payment to book your package/day with the remaining amount due 3 days before your wedding day. 
But if you book before April 17th, You'll only need to pay a 10% deposit for your wedding, 40% 3 days before your wedding and 50% up to 14 days after!
Payment Plans: We do offer payment plans where you can break down the remaining cost of your package after paying the deposit into 3, 5, or 10 payments over the same amount of months. Please inquire for more details.

Check Your Wedding Day Availability:

Thanks for your inquiry! We will get back to you within 48 hours!!

Add-On Details:

*2nd Videographer: $500 You can add a 2nd videographer for 8 hours to capture more angles of your ceremony and portrait session. 

1 Min Social Media Teaser $500: Delivered within two weeks of your wedding day. This video is a snapshot overview of your day, featuring the most important moments of your vows and the moment you say "I Do" 

Wedding Film: We collect the candid and planned moments of the day and weave them together with all of the heartfelt narrative (think Speeches and vows) into a film that captures the emotion of your relationship with your significant other and your family. This is what we love to do most!

Livestream Ceremony and/or Speeches/Toasts: With crystal clear audio from the officiant, the couple and anyone giving a toast, we love helping everyone you wish could attend, to do so virtually.

Full Ceremony Video: One wide angle camera from the back of the room, colour graded, professionally recorded and mixed with crystal clear audio 

Directors Cut Ceremony: Multiple camera angles, colour graded and professionally recorded & mixed with crystal clear audio (NOTE: if ceremony is longer than 1 hour an extra charge may apply)

Toasts/Speeches Full Video: Full speeches filmed, colour graded and professionally mixed with crystal clear audio. We put all the speeches together back to back so it's easier to watch in one sitting.

**** Upgrade to Larger Package You may upgrade to a larger package by simply paying the difference in price between packages. 

Raw Footage:  We do not offer raw footage 

On a Video Call

Live Streaming:

Wedding Ceremony & Speeches

Your Loved Ones May Not Get to Be There Physically With You,

 But They'll Feel Like They Were

We offer live streaming to a Private Facebook Group.

And we will take care of it all for you.

All you have to do:

1. Invite your loved ones to the group

2. Tell them what time the wedding will start

3. Enjoy your perfect day

We will: 

1. Create the Facebook group

2. Ensure you have top-quality audio 

3. Set up the cameras in a strategic and discreet location so your family members feel like they have a front-row seat to the whole ceremony and/or speeches

4. Monitor the event to ensure everything is going perfectly


  • Live streaming for Ceremony only: $1300

  • Add live streaming of ceremony and/or speeches to one of our existing wedding packages: $500-$700

Note: livestreaming is subject to wifi speed/availability