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50% off Live Streaming

When added to an existing package Offer expires on April 30, 2021


When you officially book a wedding during the Month of April, 2021 for a date in 2021,

we only require a $500 deposit to hold your day, and we will reimburse your deposit if your date is cancelled due to C-vid. 


Feature Film

Best Value 

Package includes:

  • FULL DAY Coverage on Wedding Day

  • 8-10 Min Professionally Edited Film - Telling your unique love story

  • 1 Videographer*

  • Drone Coverage (weather/conditions permitting)

  • An edited video of the Full Ceremony - Multi Angles

  • An edited video of all Reception Speeches - Multi Angles

  • An edited video of the First Dance

  • An edited 1 min social media teaser

  • All Raw Audio & Raw Footage on an external harddrive for you to keep





Most Popular

Package includes:


  • 9 Hour Coverage on Wedding Day

  • 5-7 Min Professionally Edited Film - Telling your unique love story

  • Ability to upgrade to Feature Film up to 14 days after wedding****

  • 1 Videographer*

  • Drone Coverage (weather/conditions permitting)

  • An edited video of the Full Ceremony - Multi Angles

  • An edited video of all Reception Speeches - Multi Angles


The Custom

Customize Your Own Wedding Package

Package includes:

7 Hour Coverage on Wedding Day

1 Videographer*

You can upgrade from this package to the Featurette up to 2 weeks before your wedding****

Plus Pick 3 of the following Add On Items to Included in Your Final Deliverables 

  • Live Streaming of Ceremony***

  • Edited 1 Min. Highlight Reel for Social (upgrade to a 3 min film for $425)

  • An edited video of the Full Ceremony 

  • An edited video of all Reception Speeches 

  • An edited video of the First Dance 

  • All Raw Footage/Audio on external harddrive


Add On's

*2nd Videographer: $500 You can add a 2nd videographer for 8 hours to capture more angles of your ceremony and portrait session. 

**3 Min. Professionally Edited Film: $425 This option is only available for the custom package upgrading the 1 min. highlight reel to a 3 min. beautifully edited film including the highlights of your day and the audio of your vows set to music.

***Live Streaming $1000 See below for details

**** Upgrade to Larger Package You may upgrade to a larger package by simply paying the difference in price between packages. 

Raw Footage: $400 - All of the untreated film files of your wedding day plus creative license to re-edit as you see fit

Raw Footage FOMO Version: $1000 We import the footage from the entire day into one single timeline, remove any shakey transition shots and apply a standard colour grade. We also give you the creative license to re-edit the footage as you see fit. 

On a Video Call

Live Streaming:

Wedding Ceremony & Speeches

Your Loved Ones May Not Get to Be There Physically With You,

 But They'll Feel Like They Were

We offer live streaming to a Private Facebook Group.

And we will take care of it all for you.

All you have to do:

1. Invite your loved ones to the group

2. Tell them what time the wedding will start

3. Enjoy your perfect day

We will: 

1. Create the Facebook group

2. Ensure you have top-quality audio 

3. Set up the cameras in a strategic and discreet location so your family members feel like they have a front-row seat to the whole ceremony and/or speeches

4. Monitor the event to ensure everything is going perfectly


  • Live streaming for Ceremony only: $1350 

  • Add live streaming of ceremony or speeches to one of our exhisting wedding packages: $1000


Live streaming is on sale for 50% off when you add it to an existing package. Available til April 30, 2021

Note: livestreaming is subject to wifi speed/availability


Our Covid Guarantees

No Rebooking Fee for 2021

If you book your wedding date for 2021 with us before April 30, 2021, we only require a $500 deposit. That fee is fully refundable if your date is cancelled due to Covid. 

When you book your wedding with us in 2021  we understand that you may need to move your wedding to later in 2021 or even to 2022** due to Covid related reasons. If that happens, we will not charge a rebooking fee*. 

*Subject to availability - we will work with you to find a date that works for us and your other vendors.

**You may need to pay the difference in package rates from 2022 to 2021

You Can Trust Us to Follow All Precautions

We completely understand wanting to feel assured that everyone you surround yourself with during this time are safe to be around.

Our team follows the highest of practices to ensure your safety and our safety. 

Get Live Streaming 50% Off

If you book with us for 2021 before April 30 2021 you'll receive 50% off live streaming with your wedding package.

Whether you're eloping or you're making it official now with 50 of your closest friends and family and will do it all again but bigger next year, we want to make sure that everyone you wish could attend will be able to virtually.